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Our shared values

Passion for customers, a family spirit and personal commitment are three values that summarise Seco’s corporate culture. These three values comprise Seco’s set of values and are referred to as “Our shared values”. The values not only reflect a shared view of the business, but also unite Seco’s employees across both geographical and cultural borders.

Over time, Seco has evolved from a local player in Fagersta to a global Group with operations stretching across the world’s continents. Seco therefore believes that it is important that the Group always be perceived in a consistent and uniform manner, no matter where in the world operations are conducted.

Work on Seco’s values was initiated in 2007 with the aim of trying to identify a number of values that describe Seco. The organisation thus decided to ask the employees for their opinion. Following one year of interviews, surveys, workshops and team exercises, the three values of passion for customers, a family spirit and personal commitment were launched under the umbrella “Our shared values”.

Employees’ view of the business

The value described as “passion for customers” is based on the premise that customer commitment builds trusting and long-term relationships. Customer closeness and a high level of service are, and have always been, two key competitive factors for Seco. Without passion for customers, Seco would not be the company it is today.

Family spirit is another value that has characterised Seco throughout the company’s history. Seco maintains an open and friendly workplace with respect for the individual and other cultures. All employees belong to a single family in which everyone shares their knowledge. Every employee around the world is responsible for realising this ambition.

Seco believes that personal commitment breeds success and improvements. As a result, it is in the common interest of all to continuously strive for creative solutions and higher quality. Creative solutions and continuous quality improvements lead to continued success through the efforts of dedicated and motivated employees.

A shared set of values

“Our shared values” sum up a corporate culture that has always existed and at the same time highlights an approach that contains a number of forward-looking success factors. Today, the three values comprise an integral part of the Group’s day-to-day activities and comprise a central component of the Group’s HR documentation and manuals used by both managers and employees in their daily work.

Deeper understanding

Seco works actively to highlight prime examples of the manner in which the Group’s shared values are used in everyday operations. By drawing attention to a number of real and everyday examples of how the values are actually used, the aim is to further enhance understanding of Seco’s shared values. These examples are disseminated within the Group via the “Shared values – Shared experiences” project, by way of a printed publication, the intranet and the Internet, among other channels.