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Our social responsibility

Seco endeavours to ensure a safe and healthy work environment with equal terms and opportunities for all employees. The enterprise should be perceived in a consistent manner, no matter where in the world operations are conducted.

Meanwhile, with global operations that span both cultural and geographical boundaries, it is important to be responsive to local conditions. Therefore, good relations with the local community are crucial for Seco’s long-term success.

Example of International social commitments

The company undertakes targeted activities to better meet the needs of the employees in the social area. Seco's production unit in India is located outside the city centre of Pune, with its population of 4.5 million. To assist the employees and reduce traffic and the risk of injuries during travel, the company arranges bus transports to take the employees to and from work. As a further benefit, Seco has an extensive insurance programme for the employees and their family members.

During the school holidays once per year, Seco in Brazil together with the local fire department give school children education in first aid and how to handle an emergency situation. During the training Seco provides the children with lunch, a shirt and diploma.