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Secomax™ CW100

Speed and Strength in HRSA grooving


Seco has long provided high-performance carbide and PCBN cutting tool solutions to industries, such as aerospace and power generation, that machine precision parts from heat-resistant super alloys (HRSA). With the addition of ceramic inserts to its Secomax series, including the most recent whisker-reinforced CW100 grade, the company further enhances its range of products that optimise wear resistance and toughness in the machining of challenging materials.

Whisker-reinforced ceramic grade

Made for grooving operations in nickel-based HRSA, the CW100 is an aluminium oxide-based insert grade with silicon carbide whiskers (Al2O3-SiCw). When dispersed into a matrix of fine-grained aluminium oxide, these extremely strong whiskers act as reinforcement, adding tensile strength and improving the fracture toughness of the brittle matrix.

An Al2O3-SiCw composition, typically made up of 25% to 50% whiskers, is the toughest, most thermal shock resistant of all the aluminium oxidebased ceramic materials for inserts. As a result, the CW100 offers superior wear, fracture and notch resistance as well as high hardness at elevated temperatures when machining challenging materials at extremely high speeds.

Product overview:

  • Performs high-speed grooving operations in Inconel 718, MAR 247, Waspaloy and other challenging HRSAs
  • Component focus includes casings, shafts, discs and rings for aerospace and power generation
  • Works in wet or dry applications, but concentration-level flood coolant is recommended

Range overview:

  • 4 insert geometries with widths of 3.175 mm, 6.35 mm and 7.925 mm
  • Recommended cutting window of 150 – 300 speed [m/min] and 0.05 – 0.25 feed [mm/rev]
  • Extends and enhances the Secomax ceramics lineup, which also includes the CS100 sialon-type grade for ISO turning inserts

Case study cutting data:

Material: Inconel 718 ~ 40 HRC (solution treated and aged)
Insert: LPGN190608-0635E, CW100

Cutting data:

vc = 270 m/min (10630"/min)
fz = 0.06 mm/rev (10% of insert width) (.002"/rev)
ap = 4 mm (.157")
ap (width of cut) = 6.35 mm (.25") (1 and 4) – 5.32 mm (.209") (2 and 3)

Application used coolant

CW100 Case Study

Your Seco benefit:

  • Fast cutting speeds for increased productivity
  • Excellent chemical wear and abrasion resistance for longer tool life
  • High honed edge quality for superior surface finish
  • Whisker reinforcement for long, consistent tool life
  • Solid inserts with multiple cutting edges lessen the cost per edge