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Secomax™ CBN300

The optimal grade for machining of grey cast iron components

CBN300 represents a new generation of advanced technology cutting tool materials, developed for users striving for optimized and cost effective production. It gives significant cost savings compared to carbide, ceramic or competitive PCBN tools.

Secomax CBN300 is unbeatable in machining pearlitic grey cast iron. For machine shops which already use PCBN indexable inserts, CBN300 automatically means another giant step in productivity. For others still using ceramic or carbide inserts, CBN300 opens up a completely new world. With up to 50 times longer tool life and doubled cutting speed, the potential productivity increase seems almost limitless.

The extensive insert programme has been worked out to meet the diversified requirements from our customers. Inserts are available in a range of standard thicknesses and edge preparations to fit the requirements in each application. As CBN300 is a solid material, the number of available cutting edges is equal to a conventional double-sided insert.

Abrasive wear resistance and toughness are two of the most important properties in assessing the efficiency of cutting tool materials. Abrasive wear resistance is primarily a function of hardness, and in this respect diamond and PCBN are superior to all other known materials. Although CBN is considere3d to be a relatively brittle material, it is still much tougher than ceramics.

Secomax CBN300 is an excellent cutting tool material in that it combines extreme hardness, high hot hardness up to very high temperatures, excellent abrasive wear resistance and high thermochemical stability during machining. The solid format ensures a high degree of mechanical strength.

Secomax CBN300 shows excellent edge retention and long tool life in roughing and finishing of pearlitic grey cast iron. Other application areas include:

  • Chilled cast iron
  • White cast iron (Chrome iron)
  • Manganese steel
  • Roughing (ap > 0.5 mm) of hardened steel

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