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Secomax™ CBN600

A new universal option for machining Grey Cast Iron, High Chrome Iron and High Manganese Steel

CBN600 is designed and positioned to be a universal, cost effective solution in applications where it’s not possible to utilize the technical benefits from our premium grades CBN300, CBN400C and CBN500.

Secomax™ CBN600 with 90 % cBN content, multi modal grain size and Al ceramic binder comes together in a product which offers great toughness high wear resistance and a wide application window machining below mentioned materials.

Secomax™ CBN600 has proved successful in the machining of the following materials:

  • Grey Cast Iron
  • Chilled cast irons
  • High Manganese steels



  • Built for rough turning grey cast iron and high chrome iron
  • Solid CBN insert
  • Compliment to CBN300 and CBN500 premium grades
  • Thermal and force shock resistant for varying depths of cut conditions



  • Nine standard products
  • Round, rhombic and square styles
  • Double sided