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Secomax™ Pin-lock Hole

By adding pin lock holes to solid PCBN inserts, Seco® have combined the advantages of multi-cutting edge solid inserts with the added mounting security of the pin lock clamping system.

Solid PCBN inserts with  pin lock holes are available in grades CBN060K, CBN010 and CBN300. Solid PCBN can be used with M, P and D style tool holders. The pin lock hole allows solid PCBN to be used in existing pin lock tool holders.

The Secomax range of solid PCBN with a pin lock hole is the most comprehensive range on the market. In addition, Seco Tools is the only company to offer solid PCBN for finishing machining and are also the first and only company to offer solid PCBN with a pin lock hole for the finish machining hardened steels.

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