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Secomax™ Wiper Inserts

Secomax Wiper InsertsThe Helix Wiper Technology

Our unique, patented Helix Wiper concept is designed for optimisation in finish machining. It has a wiper on both sides of the corner radii (as the standard) but the protection chamfer is twisted from negative to positive or from positive to negative depending on the application.

It is available in grade CBN060K. The following considerations apply when selecting the appropriate geometry:


• Reducing vibrations in weak setups 
• Lower radial cutting forces 
• Used where standard wiper cannot be used

• Longer tool life
• Reducing vibrations in stable setups
• Increasing compressive stresses

Crossbill TM Wiper

Until recently, wiper designs on solid inserts were limited in their ability to machine towards a shoulder. This is due to the wiper design on one edge giving a reverse design on the opposite side of the corner radius.

The introduction of the Crossbill Wiper has addressed this issue.The unique patented design of the wiper allows for the utilisation of handed wiper technology on all cutting edges on a solid insert.

The Crossbill T Wiper can be used for axial turning with all the usual benefits of wiper technology towards a shoulder and, due to the design, also machine a perfect radius. The Crossbill Wiper inserts are available as TNGX1103XXS inserts with a range of nose radii in either right or left hand versions.

Standard wipers

The standard wiper geometry has wiper edges on both sides of the corner radii with a standard chamfer following the grade. It is used in general applications, machining in two directions with full wiper effectiveness, e.g. OD/ID turning and facing. It is available in grades CBN010, CBN060K, CBN160C, CBN300 and CBN400C.

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