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Secomax™ C-lock

Secomax™ full faced PCBN inserts with C-lock hole is innovation at the heart of the Secomax PCBN product range. Seco® offers a cost effective concept in centre locking (C-lock) PCBN inserts.

Secomax C-lock

Currently PCBN inserts which incorporate a C-lock hole clamping system, are produced with a tungsten carbide blank in which a PCBN tip is brazed into corner pockets.

Several weaknesses have been identified in the current tipped concept such as limited depth of cut due to small PCBN tip size and braze joint failure during machining. The new range of PCBN inserts with C-lock hole clamping systems offer a unique solution to the weaknesses identified.

By using a format where a full faced PCBN layer runs across the top of the insert, depths of cut are no longer limited by tip size and with no braze joints or PCBN pockets, the cutting edge will never be lost to braze failure.
By combining the latest holemaking technology with full faced PCBN blanks, Seco Tools are able to produce the complex C-locking hole system directly into the PCBN/tungsten carbide layer.

This offers you the following advantages:
• Low cost per edge
• Full faced PCBN format which is integrated into the WC backing
• Multiple cutting edges
• Positive geometries for reduced cutting forces
• No braze joints
• Extensive range of insert geometries
• Available in two PCBN grades, CBN010 and CBN200
• Available for both roughing and finishing operations

By replacing the limitations of pocketed PCBN tips with an integral full faced PCBN layer, the new Secomax PCBN C-lock inserts offer unrivalled machining opportunities such as the ability to rough at greater depths of cut or use other machining techniques such as plunge turning or milling.

This new concept is available in two Secomax grades, CBN010 for the finishing of hard steels and CBN200 for the roughing and finishing of grey irons and powdered steels as well as the roughing of hard steels and irons.
The new concept is also very cost effective. By eliminating the pocketing and brazing process during manufacture, Seco Tools are able to make the cost per edge of these inserts very competitive.