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Secomax™ CBN160C

Secomax CBN160CThe new PVD coated grade

CBN160C is a new, fine grain, low CBN content grade with outstanding toughness and superb machining accuracy in interrupted finish machining of hard steel.

Secomax™ CBN160C encompasses the latest synthesis technology which, together with closely controlled multi modal grain size, gives optimum product homogeneity. Together with the unique (Ti, Si)N PVD coating (the same as CBN050C) it gives a PCBN grade that offers long, consistent tool life, outstanding surface finish and superb dimensional accuracies when machining hard steel.

Target applications for CBN160C are interrupted finish machining of case hardened steel components like gear wheels, shafts etc. CBN160C is available in insert styles (-L1 multicorner and -LF) typically used when machining these components.

Please follow the right hand menu for presentation material on CBN160C in the Case Hardened Steel brochure. It shows the complete package of products and method's that Seco Tools now offer for this important application area.

The brochure also contains information regarding two new, unique wipers (Helix) designed for high productivity finish machining of hard steel.

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