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Secomax™ CBN200

Secomax CBN200A grade with a unique combination of toughness and wear resistance

The CBN200 unique metal binder and fine grain size translates into a grade which can both rough and finish turning and milling hardened steel/irons, powdered/sintered irons and grey cast irons.

CBN200 is originally available in tipped, multi-tipped and full faced format and the introduction of a solid format makes it an ideal product to meet all the needs of a milling operation. It also has a unique combination of toughness, wear resistance and edge quality and is an exceptional milling grade.

For positive geometry milling cutters, such as the Quatromill®, the tungsten carbide, backed full faced positive geometry CBN200 product, offers low cutting forces and optimum chip removal.

For negative geometry milling cutters, due to the utilisation of both sides of the insert, the solid negative geometry CBN200 offers the most cost effective milling solution. Couple this with the strong cutting edge offered by a solid insert geometry and you have a very effective milling operation.

CBN200 is available in a wide range of single tip, multi tip, full faced and solid format ISO insert nomenclatures.

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