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Secomax™ CBN400C

CBN400CGrey cast iron finish machining just got better!

To further build on the success with CBN300, Seco Tools have launched a new PCBN grade to complement CBN300 in the machining of grey cast iron

CBN400C encompasses the latest synthesis technological developments in its manufacture which, together with a fine, closely controlled grain size, gives optimum product homogeneity.

The result is a PCBN grade for grey cast iron machining which offers long, consistent and predictable tool life, outstanding machined surface finishes and superb machined dimensional accuracies.

When used to finish machine grey cast iron, CBN400C gives significant improvements in achieving and maintaining strict surface finish, dimensional and tool life requirements.

To get the best out of PCBN tooling

CBN400C has a grain size of 3-6 microns, a CBN content of 90% and is available in a range of insert styles commonly used in the machining of grey cast iron components. When machining grey cast iron components, use CBN300 for roughing operations and CBN400C for finishing operations.

Coated PCBN visibly improves tool life

The lifetime of a CBN400C cutting tool is extended due to the increased hardness in combination with optimised pre-treatments, deposition conditions and of the unique (Ti, Si)N coating compared to traditional (Ti, Al)N coatings.

In addition to the performance benefits of the (Ti,Si)N coating, the copper colour provides clear detection of worn edges.
Both contribute to the reliability and confidence in cutting tool performance.