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Secomax™ PCD is a cost saving cutting tool especially designed for higher productivity and longer tool life.

A tool for both hard and tough materials, as well as soft abrasive materials such as plastics, graphite, copper and brass.


PCD Features
Diamond in a polycrystalline form creates a formidable cutting tool. Benefits include superb hardness, resulting in wear resistance, coupled with excellent toughness thanks to a polycrystalline structure.

In addition, diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of all cutting materials, allowing quick heat transfer from the cutting edge. With the exception of PCD’s high affinity with iron, it does not bond with work piece materials, so under correct cutting parameters, build-up edge is minimal. All Secomax PCD tools have the rake face mirrors polished to prevent friction and provide smooth cutting edges.



PCD05 has a very fine grain size and has a well sintered, homogeneous structure, resulting in very high edge quality. PCD05 has a high toughness combined with a high wear resistance, making it ideal for milling applications. Due to the high edge quality, PCD05 is recommended in applications where high surface finish requirements are needed as well as when machining composite materials.


PCD20 is a general purpose grade, that can cover many applications, and it is the first choice when a good balance between wear resistance and toughness is needed. PCD20 has a medium grain size, and is recommended for low to medium content silicon aluminium alloys.


PCD30 has a large grain size, resulting in high wear resistance. PCD30 is recommended for machining of medium to high content silicon aluminium alloys, as well as other abrasive materials, like metal matrix composites, tungsten carbide and ceramics.


PCD30M has a multi modal grain size, which gives PCD30M a unique combination of wear resistance, edge strength and edge quality. PCD30M is suitable for machining of abrasive materials. while maintaining a good surface quality. PCD30M is recommended for machining of medium to high content silicon aluminium alloys. The thermal stability of PCD30M allows for machining in bi-metal applications, like aluminium and grey cast iron.