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Feedmax™ PCD Drills

Flexibility and Performance in Composite Machining


The new range of PCD drills have a special 120° drill point design that can be used in various applications.

In addition, customized tools are available upon request. For example: chamfer drills, double point…


One of the strongest benefits with PCD drills is their ability to cut for long periods of time without needing replacement. The stock standard PCD drills are without coolant holes.

The standard 30° helix angle secures the chip/dust evacuation. The sharpness and the excellent dimensional tolerance of a PCD tool improves workpiece quality in terms of surface finish and hole tolerances. Resulting in long tool life and an increased yield. The full potential and value of PCD drills over conventional drilling can be seen in enhanced productivity and tool life.

For full cost efficiency when using PCD tools, a reconditioning service is available for all Seco PCD tools.