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Liteline™ fine boring heads

We would like to introduce you to our range of Liteline™ fine boring heads and holders.


Liteline boring assemblies are 30-60 % lighter than classic boring assemblies. This low weight makes them suitable for limited ATC (automatic tool changers) and allows faster tool changes, quicker spindle acceleration and higher productivity.

Product features and customer benefits;

Light weight fine boring heads and holders

  • Up to 60% weight reduction, as made from high tensile aluminium.
  • 4 Liteline heads for Ø 64 to 205 mm. 


Bi-material design

  • Liteline boring heads, extensions and reductions bodies made of aluminium.
  • High tensile aluminium, with hard surface coating (anti-wear, anti-scratch, anti-corrosion) for long life.
  • Larger outer diameters vs. classic Graflex®, and connection shank remaining in steel, for high stiffness.


User friendly

  • Liteline heads are an ideal solution when classic heads are too heavy for the automatic tool changers (ATC).
  • Longer and larger bores possible on smaller machines.
  • Higher hole precision by less horizontal spindle stress.
  • Faster tool changes, approach feeds and spindle acceleration cycles.
  • Light = Easier and faster handling.