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Difficult to Machine Materials

Process security is key, with extremely tight tolerances in both lightweight and demanding alloys.

Seco® holemaking concept will ensure that you meet the highest demands for repeated accuracy, predictable tool performance and consistent cutting data. We have a full range of high quality holemaking tools for heat resistant, difficult to-machine materials.


  • Predictable tool life / repeated accuracy
    Perfomax® insert drill
    - Insert strength
    - Optimised grade for heat resistant materials - T250D
    - High drill body stability
  • Seco Feedmax™ solid carbide drill
    - Specific point geometries, M and T, for difficult to machine materials
  • Crownloc® exchangeable tipped drill
    - Tip with M geometry
    - No need for regrinding
  • Component quality
    Perfomax® insert drill
    - Optimised grade for heat resistant materials - T250D
    - Light cutting P1 geometry
  • Seco Feedmax solid carbide drill
    - M and T point geometry for less work hardening and residual stresses
    - M and T point geometry gives less exit burrs on the component



  • Predictable tool life
    - CP20 grade 
  • Process safety
    - Adjustment free Precimaster™
    - Precimaster with EB45 geometry for best chip control
    - High hole quality



  • Safe machining of expensive work pieces
    - Accidental insert breakage on boring head does not damage the work piece
    - Reliable single cutting edge for full control of hole tolerance, geometries and surface finish
    - Minimised machine forces and stresses on boring head and spindles
  • Suitable for all difficult to machine materials
    - Wide choice of insert grades and geometries, e g extra sharp cutting edges
  • Precision and flexibility
    - High precision setting on fine boring heads
    - Adjustable diameters from 0,3 to 2155 mm
    - Extra long bore capabilities by the Graflex® modular system