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Perfomax® DP3000

DP3000 is a new Duratomic coated grade for drilling with very high feeds and speeds.

A versatile insert grade with excellent wear resistance and edge toughness, it is suitable for most materials and applications. DP3000 is a complement to the existing Duratomic grade DP2000, which can be used to optimise an operation, particularly to maximize cutting data in steel or cast iron. In combination with a strong drill body, the two insert grades offer high productivity, long tool life and excellent application security.


• Duratomic coating technology

• Gradient substrate

• Tough grade

• Superior edge toughness


• Universal grade

• Excellent performance with high feed/rev

• Superior wear resistance and edge strength

• Versatility

• Lower tool and set up cost


• Secured process

• Wider working window

• Increased out put

• Reduced tool inventory, easy choice