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Seco Feedmax™ -C1 & -C2

Seco Feedmax™ -C1 and -C2, are specialized new drills, proven to provide better hole quality and surface finish when drilling sandwiched materials.

Seco Feedmax™ -C1, features a sharp optimized double point geometry for drilling Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP). Seco Feedmax™ -C2, is specificaly designed to drill stacked composite materials (CFRP with Al or Ti outer layer). Both the C1 and C2 are designed to produce clean entrance and exit surfaces in composite materials. The benefits of the C1 and C2 geometries are: improved hole quality, minimized delamination at hole entry/exit, better surface finish, long tool life and increased productivity.

-C1 for exiting in CFRP


  • Diamond coating for improved wear resistance
  • Sharp optimized double point geometry
  • Wear resistant micro grain substrate

-C2 for exiting in Ti or Al
when drilling stacks with CFRP


  • Diamond coating for superior wear resistance
  • Sharp,strong point geometry
  • Optimized chip breaking
  • Wear resistant micro grain substrate




When hole quality is the focus

With issues like entrance/exit delamination and splintering, the focus has been clear. Design tools, optimized for composite applications, both exiting in composite material as well as in sandwich material (exiting in Al. Or Ti).

  • No push-up delamination (entrance)
  • No pull-down delamination (exit)

The Dura diamond coating secures for good dimensional tolerance throughout the long tool life.