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Seco Feedmax™ -N

Extending a comprehensive range of competent drilling solutions for the manufacturing industry, Seco Feedmax™ -N is a new family of solid carbide drills specifically developed for performance drilling in aluminium applications and non-ferrous metals.

Seco Feedmax N

Designed for the aerospace industry
Seco has been developing the –N geometry drill in cooperation with the aerospace industry. The design together with its geometry and coating is specially adapted for aerospace aluminium with a lower Si content of Si < 10%. The range will make a major contribution to improvements when it comes to machining aluminium - a material now widely used in this industry.

Seco Feedmax -N geometry features

  • Optimised edge preparation for light cutting
  • Conical front clearance - 12° relief angle
    - Point angle of 140°
  • Narrow land margins
    - ~40% thinner than standard drills for reduced friction and edge built-up 
  • Increased back taper (axial relief angle)
  • DLC coating
    - Low friction
    - No built up material on the drill
  • Wider and deeper than standard drills, for efficient chip flow and reliable chip evacuation



  • High productivity
  • Long tool life
  • Good hole quality


Cost savings through

  • Increased output 
  •  Application security
  • Less deburring