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Seco Feedmax™ SD265A

To generate a hole in IT7 quality with ordinary tools requires a drill and a reamer applied in a sequence of operations. With an optimised drill geometry and a total of 6 land margins, Seco Feedmax SD265A drills IT7 holes in one single pass and saves both cycle time and cost.


  • 6 land margins
    - Extra stability
    - 2nd and 3rd land margins are calibrating
    and finishing the hole dimension 
  • Optimised self-centering point
    - Point angle 140 ° 
  • Back taper (axial relief angle)
    - 0.265mm / 100mm
  • Tight manufacturing tolerances
    - Ø ± 0.003
    - Optimized edge preparation
  • TiAlN coating
    - Wear resistance
    - Low friction



  • Excellent hole geometry/quality 
  • Productivity and tool life
  • Possible to regrind


Cost savings through

  • Less operations 
  • Less machining time 
  • Less tool cost