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Seco Feedmax™ SD230A

In order to meet the demands from our customers Seco is now launching long Seco Feedmax SD230Asolid carbide drills (30xD) as a complementary product to our existing range of 16xD drills.

In addition to this, other ranges such as 20xD and 25xD will be available as custom design - completing an even wider offer for our customers.

Deep hole drilling applications can often be found in the automotive, oil&gas, mould & die industries and medical and general engineering. Advanced solid carbide drills, like the SD230A, deliver excellent hole quality, long consistent tool life and increased productivity compared with traditional HSS drills and ordinary solid carbide drills.


  • 4-facet point geometry for good centering capability - Primary and secondary relief angles - Point angle 136° 
  • Four land margins for stability and good hole quality
  • Polished flutes for enhanced chip evacuation
  • Low friction coating for long predictable tool life. (~50mm) - TiAlN + TiN 
  • Optimised edge preparation
  • Back taper (axial relief angle ~ 50 mm)



  • Productivity and tool life
  • Excellent hole quality


Cost savings through

  • Less machining time
  • Less tool cost
  • Very good chip evacuation for application security
  • Good hole quality
  • Low cutting forces
  • High cutting speed and feeds for productivity
  • Lower overall component cost