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Seco Feedmax™ SD245A

Seco Feedmax SD245A is an effective solution to address performance drilling with irregular exits and cross-hole interruptions.

Demanding application and component shapes can be difficult to effectively Seco Feedmax SD245Amachine with ordinary tools. Specialised solutions and drilling competence are needed to complete these tasks.

The SD245A has a custom designed drill point and 4 land margins that can accommodate challenging and difficult drilling circumstances with irregular exit shapes and more. SD245A provides similar performance and hole quality as a regular solid carbide drill with the extra benefit of being able to handle uneven exit surfaces.

One single SD245A drill can be used to rationalise and replace multiple tools and simplify complex drilling tasks.

Seco Feedmax SD245A features:

  • 4 land margins
    - Symmetrical design for extra stability
  • Optimised self centering point
    - Point angle 140 °
    - 180° at the corner Seco Feedmax SD245A
    - Corner chamfer
  • Optimised edge preparation
  • TiAlN coating
    - Wear resistance for longer tool life
    - Low friction for enhanced chip evacuation



  • Good hole geometry / quality IT8/9
  • Less deflection
    -Improved centering
    -Reduced radial forces during interrupted cuts


Cost savings through

  • Less operations
  • Less machining time
  • Application security
  • Less tool cost