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Seco Feedmax™ diamond

To boost its range of Seco Feedmax™  drills for titanium and superalloys (T and M geometry respectively), Seco has launched a new range of solid carbide drills. In addition Seco is introducing a range of drills featuring a CVD diamond coating, for holemaking in CFRP materials.

The specially developed point geometries drill high quality, delamination free holes while the diamond coating extends tool life and productivity. The range includes both regular (single diameter) drills as well as drills with chamfer (one-shot drills).

 Metal reach new heights and aircraft designers are pushing the limits with lighter, stronger and more heat- and corrosion-resistant materials such as superalloys, titanium alloys and composites which are all difficult to machine.. These materials require state-of-the-art tooling solutions.

Advanced tools for moderna materials
Seco offers a choise of advanced tolling solutions for high-efficiency, high-precision milling turning, cutting, and drilling of aerospace materials where Seco Feedmax drills is one of them.

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