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Seco Feedmax™

Seco FeedmaxSeco Feedmax is our latest generation of high performance solid carbide drills. They offer a unique combination of state-of-the-art carbide, coating and geometry technology.

  • High productivity and low cost per hole
    - High feed per revolution - up to 0,70 mm/rev
    - High cutting speed - up to 220 m/min
    - Self-centering geometry – high hole quality with no need for centre drilling operations 
  • Long tool life
    - High hot hardness with special TiAlN coating
    - Strong cutting edge
    - High cutting edge quality
  • Application security
    - High strength carbide rod – minimized risk for breakages
    - Low friction coating (TiAlN) for improved chip evacuation
    - Protective corner chamfer
  • Wide range of drills for different applications
    - 3 x D, 5 x D and 7 x D
    - Diameter from 2 - 20 mm
    - C chamfer drills
    - M geometry for super alloys
    - T geometry for titanium alloys and aluminum