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Large Batch Manufacturing

Cost per piece is the name of the game; you are looking for long and predictable tool life, consistency and repeatable hole quality. No variations can be accepted.

With increasing levels of automation you require holemaking solutions with as little manual input as possible.


  • Long and predictable tool life, no sudden breakages;
    Perfomax® insert drill
    - Modern insert grades
    - Optimised drill body stability
  • Seco Feedmax solid carbide drill
    - Modern coating technology
  • High cutting data
    Perfomax® insert drill
    - High drill body strength
    - Inserts with wiper geometry
    - Strong, square inserts
  • Seco Feedmax solid carbide drill
    - High strength carbide
  • Crownloc® exchangeable tipped drill
    - Exchangeable tips with optimised geometries for different materials
  • Less manual interface
    - Crownloc® with no need for regrinding



  • Long and predictable tool life, process stability
    - Modern grades and geometries 
  • High performance
    - Precimaster – multi-cut reamers with indexable heads 
  • Low carbide cost
    - Indexable blade Bifix and Precifix reamers 
  • Less manual interface
    - Precimaster – no adjustment, no regrinding



  • Meeting the toughest demands
    - Wide range of inserts (Duratomic®, PCD, CBN) allows boring in all materials
    - Extremely wide hole size range, from 0,3 mm to more than 2 meters in diameter
    - Designed to allow for interrupted cutting 
  • Highest hole quality
    - High repeatability
    - Tight tolerances and perfect geometry
    - Fine boring heads possible to build into customised multi-edge boring bars 
  • High speed machining
    - Balanceable boring heads, e g AxiaLibraBore™, for speeds up to 1500 m/min