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Medium and Small Batch Production

Applications are extremely varied - all kinds of materials are used. Quality requirements are stringent, with tough demands on process security and cost effective precision.

Seco® offer versatility and can meet all these requirements, so you can get good results from the word go.




  • Performance in different materials
    Perfomax® insert drill
    - Optimised, high productivity grade range
    - Reliable and flexible universal drilling tool that always performs
  • Seco Feedmax solid carbide drill
    - Standard, M and T point geometries
  • Crownloc® exchangeable tipped drill
    - Optimised P, M and K geometries
  • Wide range of tools
    Perfomax insert drill
    - 2-5 x D drill depths
    - 15-85 mm drill diameter
    - Wide range of modern grades and geometries
  • Seco Feedmax solid carbide drill
    - 3-7 x D drill depth
    - 2-20 mm drill diameter
    - Three point geometries
    - Chamfer module
    - Custom design solutions
  • Crownloc® exchangeable tipped drill
    - 1,5-7 x D drill depths
    - 10-26 mm drill diameter
    - Three different geometries
    - Chamfer module
    - Custom design solutions




  • Versatility
    - Precimaster, CP20 grade 
  • Flexibility, range that covers the needs
    - Short, medium and long Precimaster tool holder
    - Five tool holders to cover 4 - 60 mm diameters 
  • Easy handling
    - Adjustment free Precimaster




  • Flexibility
    - Boring heads for all hole sizes, from 0,3 mm (NanoBore®) to 2155 mm (Jumbo)
    - Large diameter adjustment possibilities, e g only three AxiaBore® type heads for diameters covering 0,3-108 mm
    - Modular design (Graflex®) allows customisation of boring tools for any diameter and length 
  • Precision
    - “First piece = good piece” for all required hole tolerances and geometries
    - For prototyping under perfect conditions fine boring heads are capable of up to IT5 tolerances 
  • Productivity and performance
    - Choice of symmetrical or staggered boring with rough boring heads
    - Tough insert grades, e.g. Duratomic®
    - Fine boring in steel with Cermet inserts at speeds up to 500 m/min 
  • User friendly
    - Ingenious clamping and setting system to save set-up time, e.g. the simultaneous diameter setting mechanism on the rough boring heads
    - All fine boring heads have the same 2.5 µm (inch: .0001 µm) setting precision (bridge bar block has 5 µm (inch: .0002).