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BifixBifix® is a high precision, indexable blade reamer suitable for all material groups.

The range covers diameters from 5,90 - 60,50 mm. A hole tolerance of IT6 and a surface finish of Ra 0,25 can be achieved thanks to a design incorporating three Cermet guide pads and an accurate adjusting system.

The original clamping design ensures an efficient and stable blade clamping. Bifix® also features internal through coolant channels.

  • High quality
    - Good guiding system using three Cermet guiding pads
    - Adjustable reamer achieving high precision (IT5 / IT6)
    - Extreme surface finish using double lead angle 15/3 degrees
  • Versatile
    - Indexable blades
    - Optimised geometries and blade grades for different work piece materials
    - Double lead angle 30/3 degrees - suitable for most materials
    - Two coolant designs for through holes (pushing chips forward) and blind holes (pushing chips backwards)
  • Production security
    - Strong clamping system with two clamps
    - Optimal chip evacuation
    - Short lead angle with end cutting for blind bores when bottom cut is required
  • Productivity
    - Cermet grade for optimisation in steel
  • Cost effective
    - Indexable blades with two cutting edges per blade
    - Lowest carbide cost

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