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Nanofix™ Solid Carbide Reamer

Nanofix™, solid carbide reamer

We recently added a solid carbide reamer to the Nanofix product offering. Now, we’re expanding the range by including a shorter length NS Nanofix which is great for lathe and compact applications.

  • Multi tooth solid carbide reamer with through
    coolant hole
  • Produce hole quality: IT7
  • 3 different geometries are available
  • Quick-Fit is a precise quick tool changing system,
    no need to recheck the overall length when
    replacing reamer
  • Only 2 shank sizes, therefore only 2 sizes of
    Quick-Fit holders needed
  • The same reamer can be used for through hole
    or blind holes
  • Quick-Fit changing system will reduces the
    number of item in stock
  • Quality hole and surface finish can be achieved
The range covers diameters from 3 to 12 mm
(.117 to .474 inch) featuring coated and uncoated grades


Typically, no one enjoys making hard choices. When it comes to our Nanofix reaming systems, however, you’re going to like the hard choices we’re putting in front of you. Meet the new RN2010, RM2090 and RS2090 grade options for the Nanofix range of solid-carbide reamers.

Featuring high Vickers hardness, these grades bring tight tolerances, high process security and exceptional tool life to demanding blind and through-hole reaming operations in ISO N, M and S materials. They undergo special edge preparation and have specifi c cutting geometries that make them highly optimised for processing these materials.

No matter the grade, each reamer head has an impressive number of cutting teeth per diameter, allowing them to run at feed rates that are 30 percent faster than competitive designs. Surface fi nishes between Ra .4 and Ra .8 are also easily achievable. New grades for M, N and S material are off ered for Nanofi x solid carbide reamers ranging from 3 mm to 12 mm (.117" to .474").


• Solid carbide reamers for specifi c applications
• RN2010 uncoated sub-micrograin grade for ISO N materials
• RM2090 coated wear-resistant grade for ISO M materials
• RS2090 coated wear-resistant grade for ISO S materials


• New grades join three existing coated and uncoated grades
• Cutting diameters from 2.97 mm to 12.050 mm (.117" to .474")
• Universal, aggressive feed and fi ne fi nish lead geometries
• Common shanks for through and blind holes • Accurate connection


• IT7 hole tolerances
• High process security
• Consistent performance
• Long, predictable tool life
• Superior surface fi nish
• Fast, easy tool setup
• Short cycle times
• Low cost per part


For further information please see catalogue / Machining Navigator Update 2016-2 pages 128-133