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PrecifixPrecifix is a high precision indexable blade reamer capable of IT6 tolerance. The diameter range covers 12-60 mm, and the unique clamping system design ensures stable blade clamping.

Precifix is highly modular. The Precifix heads are mounted on the Precimaster tool holder system. And, thanks to a smart design, the coolant outlet can be set for either blind or through bores.

With only one setting screw, Precifix is extremely easy to set

  • High quality
    - Adjustable reamer achieving high precision, IT6
    - Good surface fi nish using a double dead angle, 30/3 degrees
  • Versatility
    - Indexable blade inserts
    - Double lead angle suitable for most materials
    - Two-coolant outlet design in one head
  • Process security
    - Strong clamping system
    - Optimal chip evacuation
    - Only one adjusting screw
  • Productivity
    - CP20 grade coated inserts
  • Cost effective
    - Indexable blade with two cutting edges (for diameters over 32 mm there are 8 cutting edges)
    - Existing Precimaster tool holder can be used
    - Low carbide cost

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