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PrecimasterPrecimaster is a cleverly designed exchangeable head reamer. It’s effective, accurate, modular and adjustment free.

It is made for high volume production applications where high productivity and low tooling cost per hole is required. Precimaster can also be used for small batch production, providing low cutting forces and longer tool life than basic reamers.

Precimaster is composed of a body and a removable head. The clamping system ensures high precision and the repeatability required to achieve IT7 tolerance.

  • Productivity
    - Extremely high feed with single 25-degree lead angle
  • Quality
    - IT7 tolerance
    - Optimal surface fi nish
    - Double lead angle - 8-degree second lead angle for improved surface finish
  • User friendly
    - Exchangeable cutting heads - no adjustment
    - One single clamping / unclamping screw
    - Easy exchange of cutting heads - no need to remove tool from spindle
    - No tool length gauging required
  • Versatile
    - Five bodies to cover diameters from 4 - 60 mm with a modular system
    - Different geometry and grade possibilities for reaming in different materials
    - Three body lengths (3, 5 and 8 x D)
    - Two-coolant designs for through holes (pushing chips forward) and blind holes (pushing chips backwards)
  • Production security
    - Accurate, patented system (guaranteed repeatability, minimum run out, excellent axial repositioning)
    - Good chip control with single 45-degree lead angle
    - Optimal chip evacuation

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