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Highest Feed.  Highest Performance.  Highest Precision.

Xfix is the new large diameter multi-tooth reamer program from Seco. Inserts are adjustable to achieve high precision holes and bores. The modular construction shank and extension program will allow reaming depths up to 6,5 X D within a diameter range from 39,5 mm to 154,5 mm.

Minimum adjustment
The back taper is provided by a precision manufactured insert pocket, so there is no need for adjustment. To set the diameter only one screw is required to secure the insert, and there is only one setting value to remember 25μm.
Xfix is quick and easy to adjust.

Guiding pads
The patented preloaded guiding pads system guarantees the stability of the cutting process and ensures a reliable tool life. The quality and safety of the operation is secured and tool cost management is simplified.

8 numbered edges insert
To reduce stock inventory you can use normal Precifix inserts (dia 31.5 to 60.5 mm).
No need for regrinding!
Stable tool life, latest coating technology and low cost per edge inserts give you optimized costs for the Xfix reaming operation.