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Seco advances its range of Round 12 button inserts with the addition of indexing capabilities that provide fast and precise insert positioning. In testing, the new cutter body design and insert delivered increased reliability in tool life. Plus, the highly versatile system gives manufacturers the option to use, or not use, the indexing system.

The anti-rotation indexing system provides absolute insert security, especially during demanding material removal applications. Round 12 inserts have indexing notches that correspond with cutter body alignment marks, both of which ensure perfect insert positioning into cutter body pocket seats and make the system extremely easy to use.

For the new system, Seco incorporated advanced geometries with the Round 12 inserts and designed all diameters of cutter bodies with new differential pitches to reduce vibration and chatter. Insert pocket positions differ from one to the next, which effectively interrupts any machine vibration frequencies. Most importantly, Seco’s close-pitch Round 12 cutter body design allows for an increased number of cutting teeth/inserts on the same standard cutter diameters to further boost part machining productivity.

Plus, the new, notched Round 12 inserts work on existing Seco cutter bodies without indexing capabilities. Seco customers with cutter bodies newer than two years old gain the option to retrofit the new indexing system onto those bodies by mounting the indexing screw.


• Removable indexing screws in insert pocket seats
• Indexing notches and cutter body alignment marks for precise insert positioning
• Indicator dots on inserts ensure consistent indexing amount
• New notched inserts compatible with previous cutter body versions
• New differential pitches reduce vibrations
• Close-pitch cutter bodies designed for titanium machining
• Greater chip spacing on larger diameter cutter bodies


• 12-mm inserts available with either 4 or 6 indexing position indicators
• New MD12 and M13 insert geometries (M13 replaces existing M10 geometry)
• Differential insert pocket pitches for all diameters
• Coarse, normal and close-pitch cutter body versions
• Expanded chip spacing on 40 mm (1 1/2"), 50 mm (2") and 63‑mm‑diameter (2 1/2") cutter bodies
• Indexing capability also available on disc milling cutters R335.29


• Simple, precise insert indexing and positioning
• Highly secure insert holding • Maximum use of all insert cutting edges
• Aggressive machining capability
• Reduced vibration and chatter
• Option to use new or existing indexing systems
• Wide range of material applications
• Superior chip and heat control
• Predictable tool life