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Round insert cutters

Seco® has a comprehensive range of round insert cutters, R217/220.29. Milling cutters with strong round inserts intended for semi-fishing and roughing in face and copy milling operations including pocket milling.

Round insert cutters


Round insert cutters are the most flexible tools in 3D milling. They can be used for many types of applications like circular interpolation and helical interpolation ramping, shoulder milling, slot milling, plunging and ramping.

This makes this type of cutter more effective than most of the products used for 3D milling. The round insert is a very strong geometry, which makes it suitable for machining in all types of  materials. The strong geometrical shape also allows high material removal rate.

Round inserts are available in many different insert geometries in order to machine all types of materials from the most light cutting to the most difficult. Shank style cutters are available in different lengths for best possible reach and stability.

As mentioned before, round inserts are very strong and therefore suitable in difficult operations and materials. Round inserts allow the use of more edges than other geometries, which makes it more economical.

Seco can offer a wide range of round inserts and cutters. Inserts are available in diameter 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm. For all insert diameters cutters are available in both shank style and arbor mounting. Cutters in shank style are also available in high-density vibration damping shanks.

• Cutter diameter range 10–40 mm for 6 mm inserts
• Cutter diameter range 16–42 mm for 8 mm inserts
• Cutter diameter range 16–50 mm for 10 mm inserts
• Cutter diameter range 24–137 mm for 12 mm inserts
• Cutter diameter range 32–160 mm for 16 mm inserts
• Cutter diameter range 25–160 mm for 20 mm inserts