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The R218.20 (K=2 Ball nose) cutter

K=2 Ball noseThe Ball nose cutter is designed to deliver higher performance and better reliability in copy milling applications.

This high metal removal cutter can handle very high feed rates thanks to a rigid design and the two effective teeth. K=2. The best cutter on the market, R218.20!

R218.20 has a unique seating with tenon location to avoid stress on the locking screw and to prevent insert rotation. The chip space is large and includes a big radius to make the cutter stronger in the center. The insert has two easy cutting edges on the same insert.

The insert and body strength gives the cutter maximum security and reliability, which makes it suitable for use in unmanned production.

R218.20 can handle very high feed rates, which gives it very good productivity on modern machine tools. It is also cost-effective under peak performance thanks to the insert and body strength. The new cutter is a versatile cutter and can be used from semi-finishing to heavy roughing operations in all kinds of material.

The insert edge is “S” curved to reduce cutting forces, and has a constant cutting rake all along the edge. Positive axial rake gives a smooth cutting action and allows up-machining possibilities, and reinforcement in the center makes it breakage resistant. A smooth geometry generates very low cutting forces by using an adapted clearance all along the edge, which leads to increased tool life.

The inserts are designed in two different geometrical shapes and two grades, which make it easy to always find the right alternative depending on application.

R218.20 is available in the diameter range 16–50 mm, inch sizes from diameter 0,625" up to 2". Cutters are available in various shank styles such as Cylindrical, Cylindrical/Weldon, Seco®/ Weldon, Weldon pin drive, Morse taper and Combimaster® heads.