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Seco® has one of the widest and most competitive ranges of face milling cutters and inserts on the market.




The latest component in this range Hexamill - makes the program of modern face milling cutters complete.

Hexamill® R220.66-12, with hexagon shaped inserts fits an application area above Octomill®. This system is intended for machining centers and similar types of machines with minimum 25 H.P. and minimum ISO 50 taper size.

For bigger machines - minimum 25 H.P. and stronger - the Hexamill cutter is the perfect choice available in diameters 63-315 mm (2.50"-20.00")

The new HPMN/R 1206 inserts have six cutting edges. This makes them a very economical alternative due to low price per edge compared to conventional face milling inserts.