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PCBN Facemill R220.70/R220.74

The two face milling cutters R220.70 and R220.74 equipped with PCBN Face milling pcbninserts are specially designed for high productivity face milling of grey cast iron and hardened steels.

The R220.70 uses solid round inserts, and the R220.74 solid square inserts.

High precision machining
The adjustable pockets allow for high position accuracy and security for optimum surface finish and production economy. For applications where even higher surface finishes are required, the cutter bodies have a separate pocket, also adjustable, which takes a special wiper insert.

High performance inserts
The PCBN inserts are available in grades with very high toughness and wear resistance. The inserts are manufactured to the highest standards, providing excellent edge quality, which results in very high and consistent performance.

Cost effective solution
The high speed and feed capabilities of PCBN combined with long tool life, solid inserts and a high precision cutter ensures unrivalled process quality, performance, productivity and cost effectiveness.

Main benefits

  • Excellent surface finish
  • Long tool life
  • Cost effectiveness