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Quattro MillIf you want to simplify your general purpose face milling applications and get the added benefits of increased productivity, ease of use, reliability and greater precision,  choose Quattromill.

Thanks to a special patented centre-locking insert screw design, Seco now offers its popular general-purpose Quattromill face milling cutters in a new close-pitch version. The new face mills put more teeth/inserts in the cut for higher feed rates, improved surface finishes and increased productivity.

Instead of locking from the front, Seco’s innovative insert screw locks/ operates from the back of the insert pocket, eliminating the need for wedges or other extra parts and accommodating more inserts per cutter diameter. Seco was also able to significantly increase the density and strength of the Quattromill close-pitch cutter bodies.

Quattromill face mills are free cutting, feature positive cutting rake/ negative radial rake geometries and accommodate a wide range of standard inserts for all workpiece materials. And due to their cutter geometries, the face mills excel in both stable and unstable machining conditions.

• Close-pitch design
• Patented centre-locking-from-behind insert screws
• Additional inserts per cutter diameter
• High density cutter bodies
• Elimination of wedges or extra parts
• Comprehensive range of inserts
• General purpose

• Diameters from 63 mm to 200 mm
• Available in inch range from 3" to 8" (as standard)
• Two or three additional inserts per cutter (depending on diameter)
• Positive cutting rakes/negative radial rakes for stable and unstable conditions
• Roughing and finishing for all material types


• Increased productivity
• High performance, strength and reliability
• Ease of use
• Faster feed rates and superior surface finishes
• Wide range of material applicability
• Quick, precise and secure insert mounting