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Double Octomill™ R220.48

The new generation Double Octomill  R220.48 face milling cutter is a highly versatile, economic and productive tool that can be used for both roughing and finishing. It’s also unique!

Why? The innovatived Double Octomill have inserts that are positioned in
the pockets by HSS pins. This makes indexing easy and secure. You simply can’t go wrong because the insert is correctly located by the HSS pins. What’s more, the HSS pins ensure an extremely long life for the pocket (65 HRC).

Double Octomill


  • Same tool for roughing and finishing.
  • Cutter body gives long tool life
  • High performance insert
  • Five different geometries


Three different pitches
Tools in the Double Octomill range are divided into three different pitches: Normal, Normal+, and Close pitch, providing optimum productivity for different machines and materials.

Double Octomill N Double Octomill Double Octomill Close

 For example, if the machine has high power capability, choose the close pitch cutter (cast iron). If the machine has limited power capability, choose normal or normal+ (all materials). On the normal and normal+ versions, the insert is locked in place by a centre lock mounting, with a strong screw. The close pitch version has wedge mounting using a new, stronger and self-orientating wedge. Both insert locking solutions gives you easy handling and maximum security during the cutting process.


Designed to maximise metal removal rates in steel and cast iron applications, the new Double Octomill High Feed enables large increases in productivity. The new high feed face milling cutter is available in diameters from 80 – 160 mm and offers the most benefit in applications featuring large parts. All Double Octomill high feed cutters use a unique pocket design and ground slots on the inserts to achieve maximum precision.


This process pairs a shallow depth of cut with high feed per tooth, which provides higher metal removal rates and results in more parts being machined. Cutting forces are directed to the machine spindle in the axial direction, which increases stability, reduces vibrations and extends tool life.


But now we’ve gone one better and created Double Octomill 05. Intended for smaller jobs, Double Octomill 05 still has all the benefits of its big brother but is designed to be used in smaller machines.

Inserts for Double Octomill 05 are available in four geometries for a wide range of materials, from cast iron to more exotic materials.


Seco introduces the new Double Octomill Cassette Cutter to its long successful range of face milling cutters. Using Seco’s advanced pinlocating technology, the new cassettes ensure fast, easy and precise insert positioning. Equally important, cassette pockets are adjustable to practically eliminate axial runout.

The Double Octomill Cassette Cutter, incorporating Seco’s patented pocket design, features cassettes that are adjustable in the Z-axis or axial direction. Inserts can be mounted and setup in cassettes separately then assembled into the cutter body. Each individual cassette is then adjusted so they are all cutting on the same plane. With this exact insert positioning, the cutter allows for increased feedrates while it ensures the best possible surface finishes as well as the longest tool life possible.

Cassettes are combined with new close-pitch cutter bodies that accommodate Seco’s cost-effective Double Octomill inserts. They are double-sided and provide a total of 16 cutting edges for both economy and high performance.

Because the cassettes are modular and removable, they can be quickly and inexpensively replaced if damaged. Users avoid the cost of replacing an entire cutter body.


  • Removable cassettes
  • High-speed steel pins for precise insert locating
  • Strong centre-locking screws
  • Z-axis adjustable insert pockets


  • Large diameters from 125 mm to 315 mm (up to 500 mm (20") as custom)
  • Available inch ranges from 5 inches up 12.5 inches (as standard)
  • 16 cutting edge inserts


Economical, highperformance cutting system

Low cost per edge and low cost per part

Easy, precise and accurate insert mounting, locating and adjustment

Near zero axial runout

Reduced maintenance and repair costs

Superior surface finishes

Extended tool life

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