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High Feed Milling Technology
Ten times faster

Seco® High Feed technology are tools for very high metal removal rates and increased productivity.

Compared with round insert cutters, which are perfect for copy milling when using small overhang and/or machining under stable conditions, the High Feed cutters are superior when machining in deep pockets with long overhang and/or machining under unstable conditions depending on either the machined component or the long overhang or the machine. The reason is reduced vibrations thanks to a favorable direction of the cutting forces.

The High Feed cutters are flexible tools for pocketing and plunging specially designed for maximum metal removal rates under unfavorable conditions.

High Feed cutters have both predictable and very long tool life due to the forces being directed towards the spindle that maximizing process stability, practically free from vibrations. Thanks to body and inserts geometries, a wide range of component materials can be machined. The total machining time can be reduced up to 60%.

Pocketing with High Feed Cutters is the most effective and productive roughing method for unstable conditions, extremely high metal removal rates can be reached.

Perfect for boosting productivity in applications like pocketing where you can use very high feed rates during a difficult machining.