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Highfeed 6

Made for parts manufacturers in search of substantial productivity increases combined with exceptional tool life, our new Highfeed 6 milling cutter easily tackles a variety of difficult-to-machine materials, from stainless steel to heat-resistant superalloys, in the most effective way

The Highfeed 6 comprises large-diameter cutter bodies with 1,8 mm axial depths of cut and double-sided inserts with six cutting edges for unsurpassed material removal and low operating costs. The cutter performs equally well in all types of high-feed applications, including face milling and plunging operations.


ith the Highfeed 6, we paid close attention to the shape of the inserts and their corresponding pockets to ensure precise and stable mounting to the cutter bodies. The inserts mount at a low lead angle to direct the machining forces up into the spindle rather than radially against the side of the tool. As such, the tool experiences less vibration and can provide long, predictable performance. In comparative testing, the Highfeed 6 proved more cost effective and reliable over competitive designs, as well as led the way in productivity and tool life. In one test, the Highfeed 6 provided 186 percent more productivity and 200 percent more tool life — how’s that for amazing.

• High-performance high-feed cutter for difficult materials
• New double-sided inserts with six cutting edges
• V-shaped cutting edge ensures optimal positioning
• New cutter bodies with large cutting diameters
• Inserts mount to cutter bodies at low lead angles
• Effective in face milling, slotting, contouring, plunging and helical interpolation

• 13 metric cutters with outer diameters from 50 mm to 160 mm
• 9 imperial cutters with outer diameters from 2" to 4"
• Insert comes in three cutting geometries
• Wide variety of advanced grade and coating options
• Available in normal and close-pitch cutter versions


• Excellent cutting behaviour
• Highly stable performance
• Long predictable tool life
• Increased material removal rate
• Lower cost per part
• Unsurpassed productivity
• Application versatiliy


For further information please  see catalogue / Machining Navigator Update 2016-2 pages 47-49 and 61.