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Seco-Capto™ provides a flexible and modular toolholder system where the same toolholder can be used in different machines and gives the possibility to build tools with extension adaptors.

The benefits from the Seco-Capto™ system are the high torque transmission, high rigidity and accurancy with a strong, self centering joint within 2 microns. Integrated tools with Seco-Capto™ back ends are available both in stationary and rotating tools.

Stationaty tools for turning, boring, threading and grooving applications. Rotating tools for face milling, squares shoulder and slot milling applications including helical milling cutters and Perfomax® indexable insert drills.


Seco is now extending the range of Seco- Capto toolholders for Snap-Tap inserts size 27. The new holders are in size C5 and give the opportunity to use the 27-size Snap-Tap inserts together with Seco-Capto C5. The added Seco-Capto holders are available for both external and internal applications.

Seco also introduces a new range member of boring bars for tapered threads. The new holders are provided in diameter 63 millimetres and are available for Snap-Tap inserts in size 22 and 27. These type of holders are primarily used when threading in the oilfield segment. The tapered boring bars give maximum rigidity when producing API-threads or similar.


The Seco-Capto line of external turning toolholders continues to expand in size and application scope with the addition of new bigger P-clamp versions that accommodate CN and SN inserts. With the new additions, the range of applications for the holders now covers heavy-duty, roughturning operations in long-chipping steels and superalloys. P-lever clamping systems work from the back of inserts, with the screw of the clamp pulling the insert into its seat. This leaves the front insert area open for completely unrestricted chip flow/evacuation, which is ideal for taking heavy depths of cut at high feed rates. Additionally, the P-lever components are located away from the cutting zone, which prevents damage and premature wear. Unlike other P-lever type tools on the market, Seco’s P-lever-style holder provides high-pressure coolant capabilities of 5 bar (72.5 psi) to 100 bar (1,450 psi). The holders also have room for adjustable nozzles that help ensure longer tool life and better surface finishes.


All holders are designed with the Seco HDclamping system. The most stable and rigid clamping system on the market.


Seco Tools are very pleased to launch its first Seco-Capto™ tool holding catalogue. We have worked in close partnership with Craftsman Tools to develop the Seco- Capto™ quick change toolholders featured in this catalogue. Together we have developed a wide variety of model specific clamping units for several machine tools. Alongside the standard Seco-Capto™ range, Craftsman Tools and Seco Tools can also jointly design and manufacture a number of innovative products and special applications for your machines.


Seco-Capto™ Doosan Craftsman:


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