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Jabro™ Composite cutters

The Jabro™ range of milling tools, with CVD diamond coating to reduce wear, is designed for burrless (top and bottom) machining, side-milling and 3D-copy milling, contouring, and slotting of layered carbon-fiber and glass-fiber composites as well as high-performance engineering plastics such as PEEK, and honeycomb materials.

Metal reach new heights and aircraft designers are pushing the limits with lighter, stronger and more heat- and corrosion-resistant materials such as superalloys, titanium alloys and composites which are all difficult to machine.. These materials require state-of-the-art tooling solutions.

Advanced tools for moderna materials
Seco offers a choise of advanced tolling solutions for high-efficiency, high-precision milling turning, cutting, and drilling of aerospace materials where Jabro range of milling tools, with CVD diamond coating is one of them.