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Diamond Coated Tools

DiamondThe Solution for Graphite Machining

The Diamond milling cutter concept keeps surprising graphite machining companies.

The Diamond coating protects the edge of the milling cutter to such an extent that the tool life is extended by up to 10 times more than milling cutters with a conventional coating.

The Diamond line offers a wide range of geometries specially designed for graphite machining and covers diameters between Ø 0.2 - 12.0 mm. The combination of hard metal and diamond coating was developed by Jabro Tools in such way that perfect adhesion of the coating is guaranteed.

Seco® support the milling cutters in the Diamond range with parameter lists providing you with perfect initial values. Advice can also can be given with regard to strategies and parameters.

Besides the standard Diamond range, Seco also supply custom made Diamond milling cutters.