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Mini - Miniature Tools

MiniSmall, Smaller, Smallest... Mini

Micro-technology and miniaturisation are undergoing rapid developments. In order to be able to manufacture small products, Seco® has developed a wide range of miniature milling cutters: introducing the Mini range.

The Mini range caters for small diameters 0.1 mm (.0039") to 2.0 mm (.0590"), and in longer overhang lengths based on the typical dimensions up to 16 x D. They are the result of continious research into the optimum combinations of hard metal quality, milling cutter geometry and coatings in relation to the material to be machined.


JM905 and JM920 tools now come in high-productivity 4 flute versions that boost machining feed rates. Seco designed the tools specifically for smaller-sized, high-rpm machine tools, such as compact and tabletop versions often found in medical and dental labs. These small-diameter tools effectively withstand the constantly changing chip loads of these industry applications.

Once specialty tooling, these endmills are now standard and address the increasing demand for tools to machine medical and dental materials, including cobalt chromium, titanium and others common to the industry segment.

Seco® not only supplies perfect Mini milling cutters, but also optimum support when it comes to using them. Our application engineers can optimise your process by providing advice with regard to strategies and parameters.


  • Higher feed rate capabilities
  • Maximum strength and stability to withstand varying chip loads and tough materials
  • Longer overhang lengths ideal for dental and medical parts