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Square T4

Stability and value in square shoulder milling

Through its popular Turbo 10 and Square 6 product lines that offer 2 and 6 cutting edges, respectively, Seco offers an extremely broad selection of square shoulder milling solutions. Now, with its new Square T4, the company is taking its diverse milling portfolio to the next level with a tool that features tangentially mounted inserts, each having 4 cutting edges.


Made for roughing and semi-finishing operations, the Square T4-08 brings smooth cutting action, good surface finish and minimal chatter to slotting and contouring applications. The tangential mounting of the tool’s inserts increases the surface area of contact between the inserts and cutter body, resulting in increased rigidity and machining stability. Additionally, such a mounting design directs the cutting forces to the thickest part of the inserts, providing highly robust milling performance and increased metal removal rates with small diameters.


Now offering larger size inserts, the T4-12 Square Shoulder milling cutter enables a 12‑mm (0.5") maximum depth of cut for high metal removal rates in roughing and semi-finishing applications. Four cutting edges per insert help lower tooling costs, while tangential mounting maximises insert stability and permits easy access to mounting screws.

Curved insert edges ensure smooth cutting action and reduce vibration. Internal channels direct coolant to the cutting zones of each insert to evacuate chips and extend tool life. The T4-12 Square Shoulder cutters are engineered for general milling applications in steels and cast irons as well as more difficult materials, including stainless steels, titanium and heat-resistant superalloys under appropriate cutting conditions.



  • High metal removal rates from large, four-edge inserts
  • Tangential insert mounting stabilises cutting and lowers vibration
  • Easy-access insert mounting screws
  • Internal coolant channels for optimised insert performance



  • Cutter diameters from 25 mm to 125 mm (1" to 5")
  • Wide selection of insert grades and geometries
  • Normal and close pitch versions • Corner radii from 0.8 mm to 3.1 mm (0.031" to 0.125")


  •  Performs roughing and semi-finishing shoulder milling operations
  • Handles most general machining requirements, including slotting, contouring and plunging
  • Excels in most cast iron and steel applications
  • Features tangentially mounted precision ground indexable inserts with 4 cutting edges
  • Inserts can be set to a true 90° cutting angle to create clean 90° walls
  • Profile of each insert matches closely with cutter body pockets



• Increased productivity
• Smoother machining
• Improved chip flow
• Reduced tool costs
• Process reliability