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Turbo 10 Helical Cutters


Turbo 10 has been added to Seco’s range of high-performance helical cutters, offering high feeds, large depth of cut and high metal removal rates in contouring and profiling applications.

It can be used for slotting, pocketing and ramping as well as circular and helical milling.

Helical Turbo 10 has better depth of cut capabilities than those of conventional square shoulder mills. The tool features insert pockets with improved precision and axial support, to minimise mismatch between insert levels. Inserts come in XOMX10T3 and XOEX10T3 versions with geometries giving low cutting forces. Helical Turbo 10 is available with Combimaster, Arbor, Seco-Capto, Weldon and Seco Weldon mounting systems.