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Why Seco Point™?

You get a lot of business advantages by using Seco Point™:

1. Secure your production
SecoPoint also makes sure that products critical to your production always are in stock. Should anything affect the stock levels of these products, you will know immidiately by alert mail.

2. Cost reductions
The elimination of overstocking, time spent on re-ordering and manual tool selection leaves a lot of room for cost reductions, typically tool consumption costs drop five to ten percent.

3. Total Stock and Inventory control
Never worry about stock management again, SecoPoint makes sure that stock leves are kept optimal. The system also keeps track of high value tools, making sure that they are returned after being used.

4. User friendliness
You no longer have to search for information in complex systems. SecoPoint provides you with the information you need, automatically by mail or online, the choice is yours.

5. Business Integration
SecoPoint can be connected to most modern ERP systems, so that your normal business environment is continously updated.

Let SecoPoint handle your ordering of tools, you will be notified when ordering occurs and can track the usage of the tools down to a certain production cell or user.

Contact your local sales representative for more information about Seco Point!