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Thread Turning - Anti-Twist Toolholders

This toolholder, for use with Seco's range of Snap-Tap® thread turning inserts, features the Anti-Twistinsert locking system to provide incredibly secure insert holding. The Anti-Twist system has two significant design features.

The first is the use of a solid carbide pin located in the back of the insert pocket that resists distortion and prevents movement of the insert that can occur during machining.

Secondly, the introduction of a new D-style clamp securely pulls the insert down and into the pocket. The result is increased toolholder life, less vibrations, greater accuracy and performance of the insert, plus an overall increase in threading productivity.

The best toolholders for Snap-Tap inserts expands

Proven as one of the industry’s best threading toolholders, Seco’s Snap-Tap is now available for a wider range of applications. The range of square shank toolholders has been expanded and larger sizes have been introduced. Seco-Capto toolholders have also been added for Snap-Tap K-style inserts.

The HD design of Snap-Tap achieves stable and rigid clamping, ensuring maximum process security and no deviations on the setting angle. The system also ensures the best possible quality of threads and long, predictable tool life.


Toolholders are available for Snap-Tap insert sizes 16, 22 and 27 and K-style inserts sizes 20 and 26. Seco-Capto toolholders are available in sizes C4, C5 and C6 and for K-style inserts sizes 20 and 26. The range of square shank toolholders are increased with size 4040.

Expanding range of direct pressed thread turning inserts
Seco® has added a third insert chipbreaker geometry to the popular range of Snap-Tap thread turning tools. The latest addition, called the "A" chipbreaker, provides consistent machining of numerous thread forms in both steel and stainless steel. As a direct-pressed insert, it offers reliable repeatability and precision as well as value for money -  direct pressed inserts can cost up to 20% less when compared to traditionally ground inserts.

The "A" geometry complements two other key chipbreaker geometries within the simplified Snap-Tap range, "A1" and "A2". "A1" is an optimizing geometry for steel components, and "A2" optimizes performance in stainless steel materials. Both provide enhanced chip control, which is especially important in I.D. threading where poor chip evacuation can damage the workpiece and dramatically reduce both tool life and performance.

All three geometries are featured on Seco®' unique grade CP500. This grade features a highly wear restistant PVD coating to provide dependable machining for a large majority of common thread turning applications.

For limited production machining
In order to offer you even more value for money, the packaging allows users to purchase as little as two inserts - very convinient for smaller machine shops, shorter production runs and more control over costs and inventories.