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Thread Chaser Holder


Featuring a unique Seco design, the company’s thread chaser insert holder incorporates a special carbide-pin locating system combined with a patented pocket seat surface pattern and high-pressure direct coolant capability. Together, these systems give the holder precision and rigidity mandatory for machining tough materials such as the hard, gummy or high-chrome-content ones used in the oil & gas industry

Working in unison with top and axial clamps, the holder’s insertpositioning system uses two horizontally oriented pins located at specific distances from the bottom of the insert pocket. The exact points on the inserts where these pins make contact are the same points Seco works from when grinding the insert’s threading profile.

The two-pin system ensures extremely precise insert positioning from insert to insert as well as plays a key role in the holder’s increased rigidity. With more rigidity and support, the holder helps reduce the amount of required threading passes for generating a full thread profile.

The toolholder’s pocket seat surface features milled scallops that provide even more chaser insert support. When an insert is mounted in the pocket, the clamping force acts on the scallop pattern and work hardens the seat surface to a hardness of 54 HRc.

With high-chrome, tough-to-machine materials in mind, Seco also equipped the chaser insert holder with high-pressure coolant directed at key cutting areas of the insert. Coolant enters the holder from the back end, travels through an insert cavity directly to the insert’s chipformer and into the channels between each tooth. With a maximum output of 210 bar, the Seco holder delivers the industry’s highest coolant pressures for thread chasing operations.




Previously only available in a square shank design, our thread chaser holder now supports shops using Steadyline™ vibration damping bars or  Seco-Capto™ tooling to produce API and common licensed thread profiles in hard, gummy and high-chrome materials.

Adapted for tooling with Seco-Capto C6,  Seco-Capto C8 or Steadyline GL50 connections, these new holders accommodate a wide selection of multitooth thread chaser inserts that efficiently perform external push and internal push or pull threading operations.

The special carbide-pin locating systems, patented pocket seat surface patterns and high-pressure coolant delivery on these holders ensure accurate insert positioning, superior rigidity and effective chip evacuation.

The holders also rely on top and axial clamping forces to maintain a tight insert grip during the threading process, resulting in long, predictable insert life and lower tooling costs.

Together, these inserts and holders reduce the number of passes it takes to produce consistent, high-precision full thread profi les.


• Developed for use with  Seco-Capto and Seco Steadyline tooling
• Two-pin system ensures precise positioning from insert to insert
• Scalloped pocket seat pattern increases insert support
• Optimal chip formation through direct coolant delivery of up to 200 bar with square shank holders
• Steadyline and Capto versions provide direct coolant delivery to maximum 70 bar


 Seco-Capto design supports C6 and C8 connection sizes
• Steadyline design supports turning heads with GL50 connection
• Multi-tooth inserts come in push or pull and push/pull sets



• Application versatility
• Rigid, reliable performance
• Consistent, accurate results
• Long, predictable tool life
• High productivity
• Increased profi tability


For further information please see catalogue / Machining Navigator Update 2016-2 pages 123-127.