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Thread Chaser

Complete thread machining in a single pass

Seco offers a broad range of high-performance threading solutions for both standard and specific applications. The newly introduced Thread Chaser inserts provide the speed, reliability and accuracy needed to meet the demanding requirements of the oil and gas industry, as well as any other segment generating special threads such as API and common licensed types.


Highly versatile, the new Thread Chaser tool features inserts for both push and pull threading of I.D. features. As opposed to single-tooth inserts, Thread Chaser inserts include multi-tooth patterns for fast 1 or 2 pass threading.

The multi-tooth inserts have precise thread patterns that quickly and reliably generate high-accuracy, consistently perfect thread pitches for industry-specific parts and pipe materials in a wide range of hardnesses.

Thread Chaser inserts feature a special substrate and increase productivity by generating the thread teeth, facing and taper at the same pitch as the thread type. Furthermore, through-coolant holes and chip formers direct high-pressure (up to 210 bar) coolant precisely to the cutting edges to optimise chip formation for efficient chip evacuation and extended insert life.


  • Perform external push threading and internal push or pull threading operations
  • Multi-tooth inserts create perfect thread pitches in extruded and welded pipe materials
  • Insert design distributes cutting forces evenly along the entire tool
  • Standard design is prepared for high-pressure coolant applications
  • In Seco chaser sets, all inserts align with one another perfectly for machines running multiple inserts simultaneously



  • Available in push or pull and push / pull sets
  • API thread-style pitches, as well as all common licensed types such as TenarisHydril and Vallourec
  • 1, 2 or 3 insert sets to accommodate various thread machine types


  • Fast, reliable 1 or 2 pass threading
  • Consistent, high-precision thread profiles
  • Simultaneous external push threading and / or internal push / pull threading
  • Longer, more predictable tool life and lower costs via evenly wearing replaceable inserts