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Thread Milling

The design of our indexable thread mill cutters and inserts represent another step forward for thread making applications.

Easy to load inserts are double-sided and 40 mm long for increased thread lengths.

In some cases, the same insert can be used for both left and right hand threads of the same pitch. The complete range is available in Seco®' tough and wear resistant grade F30M, a universal choice for all materials.

Seco® have engineered  a range of tool holders with multi-tooth cutter bodies for O.D. and I.D. thread making operations. Shell mill versions are also available and hold up to six inserts which allows for more aggressive threading. Unlike tapping, milled threads can be machined to full depth, even in materials that have already been hardened, with no sacrifice to the thread form, surface finish or accuracy.

Seco® Threadmaster™ Mills
Seco® Threadmaster Mills thread holes as small as 4 mm in diameter while providing improved thread quality, productivity and lower cost per hole when compared to conventional tapping. These 2xD thread mills machine up to 100% depth and feature a high helix angle for reduced cutting forces which reduces the risk of challenges when performing a final threading operation on potentially expensive components. The thread mills are also engineered to be very rigid and vibration resistant permitting higher feed rates and promoting longer tool life.

The TiCN coating provides both toughness and wear resistance for machining of all ISO materials and high-temperature alloys through coolant holes on thread mills of 8mm shank diameter. This promotes larger chip evacuation, tool life and surface finish.

Multi Tooth Thread Milling Cutters
Multi tooth thread milling cutters are available in diameters 17-36mm, the maximum is 80mm. There are an extensive range of inserts available in pitches 1,0-6,0 mm (24-4 TPI) in most common profiles which gives the possibility to increase the feed rate and to reduce the machining time.

The complete product program for both metric and imperial threads is shown in Machining Navigator.